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A24 movies will stream first on HBO and Max as part of a new multiyear deal

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Exclusive A24-WBD Streaming Deal

A24 has just inked a juicy “Pay-1” deal with Warner Bros Discovery (WBD), and it’s shaking up the streaming game. This exciting agreement means that A24’s latest releases, like the highly-anticipated “Iron Claw,” will make their debut on HBO, Max, and Cinemax before gracing any other streaming platform. But wait, there’s more! The deal also extends WBD’s access to A24’s film catalog, which includes cinematic gems such as “Uncut Gems,” “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” and more.

So, what exactly is this Pay-1 deal? Well, it’s like being the VIP of the streaming world. Typically, movies follow the traditional path of starting in theaters, then moving to digital purchase/rental, and finally finding their way to streaming services or OTA broadcasts. But with Pay-1, streaming companies get an exclusive first shot at these movies for a cool 12-18 months before they enter the Pay-2 phase for general licensing and syndication. It’s like getting front-row seats to the hottest cinematic show in town!

Now, here’s the scoop: Paramount’s Showtime had been holding the Pay-1 deal with A24 since 2019, but that contract rolled into November 2022, with a year-long extension. WBD is only flexing its Pay-1 muscles for A24 movies released after this fresh deal, which means films released before this agreement (like “Talk to Me” and “The Inspection”) will likely remain exclusive to Showtime.

But here’s where it gets really exciting. A24 fans and cinephiles, in general, are in for a treat. WBD’s HBO and HBO Max have a combined subscriber count of a whopping 95.1 million, while Paramount+ boasts 63 million subscribers, although not all of them have the ad-free “with Showtime” tier. Back in 2022, HBO and HBO Max got a taste of A24’s older films, but now, they’ll have access to a treasure trove of over 100 A24 titles. That’s a cinematic feast waiting to happen!

And just in case you thought A24 was slowing down, think again. There are more exciting A24 films on the horizon, including “Tuesday” in 2024, starring the incredible Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and “Problemista” in 2024, featuring talents like Julio Torres, Tilda Swinton, and RZA. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for some exclusive A24 goodness on HBO and Max, thanks to this game-changing deal with WBD. It’s a win-win for A24 and streaming enthusiasts everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Exclusive A24-WBD Streaming Deal

What is the A24-WBD deal all about?

The A24-WBD deal is a “Pay-1” agreement between indie studio A24 and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD). It grants HBO, Max, and Cinemax exclusive rights to premiere A24’s new releases before any other streaming platform.

What does “Pay-1” mean in this context?

“Pay-1” refers to a streaming deal where a company gets exclusive access to movies for 12-18 months before they become available for general licensing and syndication (Pay-2). It’s like being first in line for the latest films.

Which A24 films are included in this deal?

The deal covers a range of A24 titles, including “Dicks: The Musical,” “Priscilla,” “Dream Scenario,” “The Zone of Interest,” “Stop Making Sense (2023),” “The Iron Claw,” “Love Lies Bleeding,” “Civil War,” and many more, totaling over 100 films.

What about A24 films released before this deal?

A24 films released before this deal, such as “Talk to Me” and “The Inspection,” are likely to remain exclusive to Showtime, as WBD’s Pay-1 access applies to post-deal releases.

How many subscribers will benefit from this deal?

HBO, HBO Max, and Cinemax have a combined subscriber count of 95.1 million, ensuring that a vast audience will have access to these exclusive A24 films.

Are there any upcoming A24 films to look forward to?

Absolutely! Keep an eye out for “Tuesday” in 2024, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and “Problemista” in 2024, featuring talents like Julio Torres, Tilda Swinton, and RZA.

Why is this deal significant?

This deal is a game-changer for A24 and streaming enthusiasts because it brings an extensive catalog of A24 films exclusively to HBO and Max, offering a cinematic feast for subscribers.

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